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Wind turbine blade inspection

Terra Inspectioneering Finland OY now offers wind turbine blade inspections to clients using the innovative autonomous drone technology developed by BladeInsight.

With a solution that provides 100% blade coverage, the full inspection can be performed quickly, safely and affordably with high-quality results.


We can help optimize your blade repair budget by catching damages and faults before they can become a more costly and labor-intensive problem, by using autonomous drone inspections and machine learning assisted blade analysis. 

presentation ex 3_edited.png
M300 - payload and GCS.png

With our autonomous drone solution, we offer 100% blade coverage for all sides of the blade with a robust and repeatable operation, ensuring a full mapping of the blade. 

The data collected is seamlessly integrated with the BladeInsight software, where damages are identified with accurate size and position for maximum visibility.

External visual inspection

Collection of robust data with autonomous drone flight

- Best-in-class image quality


- Autonomous navigation using LiDAR technology


- No need for pre-defined flight path


- Reduced downtime


- 100% blade coverage

Turbine _ M300 drone.JPG

Machine Learning assisted blade expertise in inspections 

- ML tools for identification and categorization of damages

- Blade experts review findings and make recommendations


- Fast report turnover


- Export data to several formats


Systematically organized data on a multi-source platform

- Intuitive navigation - from wind park to damage in just 3 clicks

- Time series function for tracking damage evolution

- Compare damages internally and externally


Internal visual inspection

inside wing.jpg

Internal inspection of blades via our specialized drones

- Full documentation of internal structure in 4K

- 10k lumen floodlights illuminates the inside of the blade, allowing for quality visual inspection

- Reduce risk for personnel injury  

inside wing2.jpg.png

Generated 3D model of interior

- Allows for the placement of faults and damages in 3D space

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