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Visual & thermal inspections

Our visual inspection drone is specially adapted to work in conditions that would be difficult for any manual inspection. Thanks to the impact-resistant cage, accessing difficult areas is no problem, and with the drone’s floodlights, which can produce a full 10k lumen, no area is too dark to be thoroughly inspected.

By using oblique lighting systems, looking for pitting, cracks or build-ups becomes as natural as doing it with a flashlight.

The 4K camera allows for detailed, high-quality video recording and still pictures of any part of an inspection object, from weld seams to structures and more. Thanks to the on-board thermal camera, heat leaks can be identified and pinpointed.

A new feature that even further enhances our reports is the point cloud-based 3D mapping of our flights, allowing us to easily identify the location of any damage found in an inspection.

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