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About us

Terra Inspectioneering Finland Oy started as FinDroS Oy back in November of 2019. Since then it has continued to grow as a company specializing in industrial inspections via remote operated drones. Through the new partnership with Terra Inspectioneering, a subsidiary of Terra Drone, Terra Inspectioneering Finland has gained access to highly innovative technology and new methods of inspection, such as the UT drone.

Through utilization of the newest available drone technology, the inspection of confined spaces has never been easier, safer or more cost-effective. The collision-proof inspection drones can go in and out of areas that pose a high risk to personnel with ease, while the UT drone can take measurements in areas that would normally require substantial time and effort to reach.

With access to Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing, Thermal imaging and Visual recording, an extensive inspection of industrial assets can be recorded and reported via a cloud-based information network which clients are granted access to. The collected inspection data can also be rendered as a 3D model to easily visualize the inspected object or location.

With knowledgeable and professional service, any of the client’s inspection needs will be met swiftly, efficiently and with high quality results.

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