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Thickness Measurement by Ultrasonic NDT

Utilizing ultrasonic probe technology, our UT drone is capable of assessing material thickness of walls, ceilings and roof support structures swiftly and safely.

The technology used allows for thickness measurements of a range of materials, including, but not limited to, painted steel, stainless steel and fiberglass.

And with the attachable cleaning module, our drone can even remove surface corrosion and debris before each measurement.

The UT drone allows for the inspection of material integrity to be done with virtually no risk to worker health and safety and can be done far faster than any manual measurement of the same areas, no matter how high up.

Our probes are capable of accurately measuring material thickness from as thin as 3.0 mm to as thick as 200 mm, allowing us to give the customer an accurate report on the state of their asset, whether that be tanks, boilers, reactors or other.

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